CH Terbo Tales d' Amour
(V ChX Majestic Hot Topic STDs PT HSAs HSBs HXAs CDX RE x CH Terbo Kiss This)

CEA/CL clear by parentage
         CERF normal (
Ears BAER normal (
Hips moderate displaysia
TNS clear by parentage


Sept, '08
Passion has her hips checked. The results are moderate dysplasia.
Passion is such a sweet girl. She loves to herd cows but has no
formal training. She just does it naturally! She has become a "farm dog".

Walla Walla, Wa
April 26, '08   BOW and BOS
Passion gets a 3 pt major and finishes her Championship!
Judge  Mrs Lee Canalizo

Lewiston, Id
April 20    2nd   Mrs Lois Wolff White

Moses Lake, Wa
April 12    RWB Mr Arley D Hussin
April 13    3rd     Mr Wayne M Thompson

Portland, Or
Jan 19     2nd in class Sweepstakes 
                                 Paul Chen
Jan 19     2nd           Robert H Slay
Jan 20     1st            Mrs Michele L Billings 
Gray Summit, Mo
Oct 19  
2nd in class         Mary C Murphy
Oct 20  
4th                      Neena L Van Camp
Oct 21  
4th                      Mr. Christopher Tilghman Neale
Oct 15-23, 2007
Passion goes to BCSA nationals. We watched herding and agility trials the 16th - 18th. The 19th was a big day as Passion got her herding instinct certificate then her eyes and ears checked and certified free of defect. She then went to the sweeps and took 2nd in class. She was a little head shy as she had just come from the eye/ear testing prior to her class. Emily Fish handled her in the sweeps and conformation classes. Thank You, Emily. We stayed an extra day and toured the Budweiser plant, the Arch and the AKC Museum before flying home on the 23rd.
Spokane, Wa
July 7   2nd in class         Mrs MD McPherson
July 8   2nd                     Mr CL Olvis

July 21-22, 2007 
Passion took a vacation. She went to Seaside, Or while Lace was showing in Portland with Emily Fish. She got her feet wet in the Pacific Ocean and checked out the crab claws on the beach. The seagulls didn't impress her much.
Canby, Or
June 23    2nd in class     Mr DR Duerksen
June 24  
WB, BOW and BOS(4 pts)

Passion gets WB, BOW and BOS for her 2nd 4 pt major!
Judge Mrs A F Benko

Passion and Emily Fish
Gridley, Ca 
June 14   RWB                                    Mrs K Kahn
June 15   WB, BOW and BOS(2 pts)  S Polk
June 16   WB(1 pt)                              Mr JE Frederiksen
June 17   WB, BW(1 pt)                      Mr JE Noe

Puyallup, Wa

June 9      
3rd in class      Mr RR Hartinger
June 10    
3rd                  Mr GK Newton

Coeur d' Alene, Id

May 28     1st in class      Mr L Moustakis
May 29     1st                  Mr HC Jahelka      

Spokane, Wa
May 26   WB, BOS(4 pts)
May 27     1st in class      Mr RS Forsyth

Passion gets WB and BOS for her 1st 4 pt major!!
Judge  JT Connolly

Passion and Bobbi Broyles
Elma, Wa
May 5      RWB              Dr RM Brown
May 6      1st in class      Mr CJ Anderson

 May 3, 2007
We traveled to Eugene, Or to meet Patricia Kortekaas P.T. at South Hill PT and  Full Spectrum Canine Therapy
Walla Walla, Wa
April 28     RWB            Mrs LJ Sinclair
April 29     RWB            Mrs JL Stacy

Lewiston, Id
April 20     1st in class     Dr LA Reasin
April 21     3rd                Ms KA Reamensnyder
April 22     1st                 Mr CE Doran Jr
April 23     1st                 Mr D Rogers

April 20, 2007
Microchipped AVID 091 041 035
Seattle, Wa
March 10   
RWB          Mr RC Thomas
March 11   
RWB          Mrs RC Thomas

March 10-11, 2007
Passion begins her show career in Seattle with no wins. She doesn't mind and is a happy girl anyway.
Nov 21, 2006
Passion goes to North Palouse Vet clinic for her check ups and her rabies shot.

Winter 2006/2007
Passion spends time with me at the nursing home where I work.

We practice handling classes once a week with other members of Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers.

Oct. 10,  2006
I met Terry Wise Hammond and Ronni DeLay. When I looked at the female puppies Passion just called out "pick me"  Passion flew home with me to become part of our family here in northern Idaho at Mountain View Ranch.