CH BonniDune Legacy In Black CGC
CL clear/normal by parentage
TNS carrier (tested)
Hips mild dysplasia
Elbows normal
Lace's page at BonniDune
Lace went to WSU for a 2nd opinion on her hips and was upgraded to mild dysplasia. She and my son really hit it off. Lace now resides next door with Rick and Kristin. She catches an occasional mouse and loves to catch flies. She is enjoying her early retirement.

Aug 12, 2008
Lace finished her Advanced Home Companion class and earns her CGC!

August 8, 2008
Lace has her 2nd birthday.
August 11th her hips and elbows are x rayed for OFA certification. Results are still pending.
Eugene, Or
Sept 6    1st in class        Mrs Fay Dorval Haupt
Sept 7    1st                    Mrs Keke Kahn
Sept 8    1st                    Dr Klaus Anselm
Sept 9    WB, BOW(1pt)
Lace gets her final point and is now
CH BonniDune Legacy In Black
Judge  Mr Houston Clark

Enumclaw, Wa
Aug 19   1st in class        Ms PW Laurans

Portland, Or
July 21     2nd in class    WJ Bailey
July 22     2nd                Mrs B Capstick

Redmond, Or

June 30    WB, BOW(3 pts)   
WOW!!     Another major!!
Judge Mr C Murray
July 1       WB, BOW and BOS(2 pts)  
                          Dr DA Gill

August 8, 2007
Lace has her 1st birthday. She blows her coat and still looks good!
Canby, Or
June 23    1st in class             Mr DR Duerksen
June 24    2nd                       Mrs AF Benko

Gridley, Ca
June 14   WB, BOW(1 pt)   Mrs K Kahn
June 15    RWB                    S Polk
June 16    RWB                   Mr JE Frederiksen
June 17    RWB                   Mr JE Noe

Puyallup, Wa
June 9      4th in class     Mr RR Hartinger
June 10    WB, BOW and BOS(3 pts)

Lace gets WB, BOW and BOS for her 2nd 3 pt major!  
Judge Mr. G K Newton
Coeur d' Alene, Id
May 28    2nd in class       Mr L Moustakis
May 29    pulled

Spokane, Wa
May 26     2nd in class     JT Connolly
May 27     2nd                 Mr RS Forsyth

Elma, Wa
May 5      2nd in class      Dr RM Brown
May 6      2nd                  Mr CJ Anderson

Walla Walla, Wa
April 28     2nd in class      Mrs LJ Sinclair
April 29     2nd                  Mrs JL Stacy
April 27th-May12th
Lace experienced her first heat cycle! She had to miss two obedience classes but she graduates and will continue in Advanced Home Companion this winter.

Lace with Chante in Walla Walla, Wa
Lewiston, Id
April 20     3rd in class         Dr LA Reasin
April 21     2nd                    Ms KA Reamensnyder
April 22     2nd                    Mr CE Doran Jr
April 23     3rd                    Mr D Rogers

May 3, 2007
We traveled to Eugene, Or to meet Patricia Kortekaas P.T. at South Hill PT and Full Spectrum Canine Therapy
April 20, 2007

Microchipped AVID 091 025 046
Albany, Or
March 17     WB(2 pts)        RH Slay
March 18     2nd in class       Prof DC Taylor

April 3rd to May 22nd 2007
Lace goes to Begining Home Companion classes on tuesdays at Spokane Dog Trainers. She graduates and will resume classes after she gets her CH.
Seattle, Wa
March 10     3rd in class       Mr RC Thomas
March 11    WB, BOW(3 pts)

 We go to our 1st show in Seattle, Wa.where we meet Emily Fish and Lace gets BOW and her 1st 3 pt Major! 
Judge Mrs. R C Thomas
Nov 21, 2006
Lace goes to North Palouse Vet clinic for her check ups and her rabies shot.

Winter 2006/2007

We practice in handling classes once a week with other members of Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers.
Oct. 13, 2006
Lace spends time with me at the nursing home where I work.

Oct. 10, 2006
I met Kelly Whiteman and Lace. Lace flew home with me to become part of our family here in northern Idaho at Mountain View Ranch.